Best Electric Ride On Kids Cars Kids Love

Every kid prefers a toy that would make them feel like a grown up. There is no other toy that may help your kid achieve this goal than electric ride on kids cars. Ride on toy cars have been on the market for decades. The latest electric ride ons even make them look like real cars on the road. They offer more fun to kids than in the past. Even though most of the ride on toys are focused on young boys, there are ride on toys for girls too. This article highlights some of the best electric ride on kids cars.

Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade –

The Cadillac Escalade from Power Wheels is one of the best electric ride ons for kids. Kids who love playing in big cars will love this gadget by Power Wheels. This car has a car alarm, an amp, an iPad mount, strobe lights, LED lights, a motorcycle battery and polk audio speakers. Your kid will love the roomy ride on this toy. This car comes with two speeds – 2.5MPH and 5MPH. The high-speed lockout option is ideal for kids who have never driven a car before. Some of the most important advantages of the toy includes real FM radio, charger, multiple speeds and real doors that can be opened and closed. Some of the disadvantages include no horn, only one-speed reverse, limited color option and kids who are tall may not fit in. This car is priced at $600 on BestElectricKidsCars.Com, which is one of the most reliable e-commerce stores online.

Power Wheels Corvette Stingray –

This ride on car is super cool and super speedy. This model comes with a top speed of 6MPH. Driving a ride-on car will teach your kid motor skills. It also helps your kid understand cause and effect. These are some of the most important educational aspect that your kid may derive from an electric ride on toy. This ride on car is much faster than most of the other Power Wheel toys. It can drive easily on hard surfaces and grass alike. There are two speeds in forward drive in this car. The design of the car makes it seems more realistic. Kids love such electric toy cars. Some of the disadvantages of this toy includes speed may be too fast for young kids, not suitable for kids under three years of age, limited color options and setting up the car can take a long time if you have no experience in assembling a similar toy. The car is priced at under $300 on BestElectricKidsCars.Com.


Power Wheels Ford F-150 –

This vehicle is available in purple color for girls and black and gray for boys. This vehicle is great for kids who want to drive a truck. The functioning tailgate is a salient feature of the toy. This is a great toy from Power Wheels that kids and parents both prefer. Some of the salient features of the ride on include real FM radio, working tailgate, cute design and color, a top speed of 5MPH that can be limited by the parents and can be driven on hard surfaces, grass and wet surfaces alike. Disadvantages include reverse is slower than forward, seat belts are pretend only, not suitable for kids over six years and cannot be concealed at delivery. The product is priced at $340 right here!

Power Wheels Lil’ Quad –

This is a toddler-friendly electric ride on toy sold on Amazon.Com. It is in fact the number one best selling electric ride on toy on Amazon at the moment. It is easy for kids to use and placed low to the ground so that kids can get on and off the toy by themselves. The toy comes with different style options to please your kid. The car is backed by Power Wheels one year limited warranty. There are over 300 service centers nationwide to repair this car if anything goes wrong in it. This is the most inexpensive Power Wheels toy on the list currently. It is priced at $90. Some of the disadvantages include no reverse, has a smaller battery and not ideal for unsupervised play.

The aforementioned are some of the best electric ride ons kids cars available in the market place today.